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Meanings of forgiveness

I have an issue with forgiveness. More accurately, I have an issue with understanding what people mean by forgiveness, because I keep running into articles or blogposts about forgiveness and what roles it plays, that say that the thing that … Continue reading

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About that twitter misogyny research (and bad science reporting)

CONTENT NOTE: research of rape “threats” and threatening language. I first saw the story today claiming that “50% of misogynistic tweets are made by women” on the BBC News website. I noted other sources being cited on Twitter later, with … Continue reading

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Helping others to thank you

Crossing my social media radar this afternoon, is a cartoon with social interaction advice, “If you want to say thank you, don’t say sorry” It is strong self-support advice, in that it presents a series of situations in which “sorry” … Continue reading

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On the individual third person (why singular they isn’t enough)

On my “Language” page, I note that I am unhappy with the use of singular “they” when talking about a specific person (though always deferring to a person’s stated pronouns where I know them). I am fine with a generic … Continue reading

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No one who can be silenced gets to be no-platformed

Here’s something that puzzles me about the “No platform = Silencing” thing. In order for a person to be subject to a “no platform” policy, their views must already be well-known. It is a basic tenet that “No-one has a … Continue reading

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Lab-grown intimacy: does one size fit all?

The other day, I found an article from the New York Times about Arthur Aron’s experiments in intimacy, and how the writer (Mandy Len Catron) had tried it for herself. The idea is that, given the right conditions, it is … Continue reading

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Humiliation: hotness and hard-limits

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past month or two about how I relate to humiliation from a Submissive perspective. I have always simply said that it’s a hard limit, but some of the ways I have been roleplaying … Continue reading

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Sex as the most intimate performance

Is sex a performance? In last week’s post exploring whether performance is always artifice, I tried to find a definition of performance that worked at least for the purposes of that discussion. I derived from experience and perception, the idea … Continue reading

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Is performance always artifice?

Yesterday I wrote a post examining the roles of “tradition”, asking what they mean and how “tradition” or “folk song/story/art” is an active process as well as a preservation or reenactment of historical tradition. That post came off the back … Continue reading

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Dreams of parenthood: why I want to be a mum

I always imagined that I would eventually be a parent, and pass on my genetic heritage to a new generation, bring up a child, teach hir the tales that have passed down in the family history, show hir the photos … Continue reading

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