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2016 Season finale

2016 is almost over. I refuse to believe we are safe from it until it has completely left the planet, once midnight has passed everywhere along the International Date Line. It just feels like some horrror movie monster that always … Continue reading

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Anti-ATVOD songs & civil disobedience

I’ve had some songs going round what I advisedly call my brain recently. There’s a theme to them. Here they are: Yep. They’re songs about defying censorship, and/or enjoying or experiencing pain or non-standard (sexual) pleasures. They are songs that … Continue reading

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2 years’ work in 2 days: what talent shows hide

I watch rather more talent-reality TV shows than perhaps I should, but it’s one way of turning off the higher faculties and just enjoying myself for however many minutes. I’ve watched them since the days of “Fame Academy” and “Popstars”. … Continue reading

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Sex as the most intimate performance

Is sex a performance? In last week’s post exploring whether performance is always artifice, I tried to find a definition of performance that worked at least for the purposes of that discussion. I derived from experience and perception, the idea … Continue reading

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Is performance always artifice?

Yesterday I wrote a post examining the roles of “tradition”, asking what they mean and how “tradition” or “folk song/story/art” is an active process as well as a preservation or reenactment of historical tradition. That post came off the back … Continue reading

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Traditions invented, preserved or living

So Carter @ Sometimes It’s Just A Cigar wrote about the invented “English tradition”, with particular reference to a picture (which I haven’t seen) of David Cameron with blackface Morris dancers. I don’t want to go into the social justice … Continue reading

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Hats, opera, and congruence

Somewhere over the period while I was on Mandatory Work Activity I lost my hat. I think I must have been too tired on the journey home, left it on the bus, and it didn’t get handed in to their … Continue reading

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Auditions, musical and social

So Monday was my annual “handling rejection” practice – by which I mean, auditioning for The Voice UK. This isn’t the televised “Blind Auditions” but the process by which they decide who’s going to get onto those. The nearest venue … Continue reading

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Holiday debrief

A week ago, I set off into the wild North in search of adventure and fame. Well, I squeezed into my parents’ car as we all went off to a camping holiday in north Yorkshire. It’s moreorless the same thing, … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on folk dances and gender

I’m still processing the events of my long weekend away from the world (and then the impact of discovering what horrendous stuff had been happening while I was not online or reading any news). I had some thoughts after spending … Continue reading

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