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Trouble on the streets of Sexblogtown

I have been very much on the sidelines as far as sexblogging is concerned for a while now. My video game projects are taking up a huge amount of mental processing, and there’s also been a metric fucktonne of shit … Continue reading

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2019 General Election initial reactions

Like many of my friends on the Left, whether they are Labour members, supporters or who just vote Labour because there isn’t another leftish option at the moment, I greeted the announcement of the exit polls result last night with … Continue reading

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Weekly Creative Update 6-7-2019: Back to Storytime!

This week has been pretty good in terms of achievements, and in terms of acquiring new objectives and opportunities. The main triumph is that I have managed to build a fairly versatile line-of-sight system in Stencyl, which I can use … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cambridge Pride

On Saturday, I went to the Cambridge Pride event, which was not really a parade, it had more of a village fete vibe to it when I was there. The weather was horrible and wet, but there were still plenty … Continue reading

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Trying To Ban Voices Of Pain

CONTENT NOTE: Suicide, suicidal ideation, self-harm mentions and brief discussion. The news that the Tory Government wants to crack down on social media in all its forms and create a watchdog body to restrict “harmful” content is deeply worrying to … Continue reading

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Labour Conference, “People’s Vote” and the lack of alternatives

So, Labour Party Conference is under way now, and all sorts of controversy whirls around still. One of the biggest is the People’s Vote question. For those who don’t know, the “People’s Vote” campaign is the latest incarnation of the … Continue reading

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A “bad-faith” accusation is no excuse not to examine: Leftwing Labour and “anti-Semitism”

Another year, another accusation of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. By this stage, the “usual suspects” have made it painfully obvious that the motivation is a wish to discredit and smear Jeremy Corbyn by any means available. They might as … Continue reading

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Life at 40: Middle-aged and Not Dead Yet

CONTENT NOTE: Suicidal ideation; mention of BDSM So last weekend was a big family party to celebrate my 40th birthday. My birthday was not actually this weekend, but close enough to make tacking on a party to a previously scheduled … Continue reading

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Are school uniforms any use?

So this week, a couple of stories crossed my twitter timeline about school uniforms, relating to gender. This led to a discussion over whether or not school uniforms are even a good idea at all, or should they be abolished? … Continue reading

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REACTION: “How Not To Be A Boy” by Robert Webb

(This is not so much a review as a reaction to the book above, but I’ll file it under Reviews as well.) This week, I read Robert Webb’s “How Not To Be A Boy”. The book is an autobiographical work … Continue reading

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