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REVIEW: The Turing Test – philosophy and puzzles in space!

Yesterday, I finished playing through a video game by Square Enix called The Turing Test. While the game is themed around topics to which the famous idea by Alan Turing is directly relevant, the Turing in the title is not … Continue reading

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Dedication, Death Metal and My New Pedal

I have recently bought myself a new distortion pedal for my guitar. The pedal I have chosen is the TC Electronics “Eyemaster”, which has just two knobs – and really, you’re not supposed to move them from any position other … Continue reading

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Music Recommendation: The Trials Of Cato

Just a short post today as I’ve been pretty poorly all week and, being a temp, having to go to work anyway because money and stuff. I’d like to use my blog today to give a shout-out to a great … Continue reading

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My Day Out At EGX Rezzed Video Games Fair

On Friday, I decided to bunk off work and go to London for a day out in the big city, at a video games fair. (Actually, I’d booked my ticket to EGX Rezzed a couple of months ago, and in … Continue reading

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Ruby Glow-ooooh! (Review)

I’m back from the Eroticon 2019 sexbloggers conference, where there were some fabulous sponsors and even though I don’t currently have a vag or clit, the rather wonderful Tabitha Rayne gave me (half-price, not totally free) one of her Ruby … Continue reading

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SEXTOY REVIEW: These nipple toys really suck (in a GOOD way)

[Apologies for the clichéd title but my brain was lazy!] Once upon a time, this was meant to be a blog about writing, and kinky sex, and writing about kinky sex, and sexing about kinky writing (Wait, is that right? … Continue reading

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REACTION: “How Not To Be A Boy” by Robert Webb

(This is not so much a review as a reaction to the book above, but I’ll file it under Reviews as well.) This week, I read Robert Webb’s “How Not To Be A Boy”. The book is an autobiographical work … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Confessions of a Gender Defender ( #TransDayofVisibility )

Today is Trans Day of Visibility and, with impeccable timing, I have just finished reading Confessions of a Gender Defender by Dr Randi Ettner. Dr Ettner is a psychologist in the USA who made her career in the field of … Continue reading

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#SoSS – ebook erotica recommendation

I feel a little guilty that I haven’t participated in the #SoSS tag events. It stands for Share Our Shit Saturday, and started because of how hard it is for people involved in sex work or sex blogging to reach … Continue reading

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[SPOILERS] Jyn, Bleakness & Hope – A Quick Take on Rogue One

SPOILER GAP… . . . [preparing primary ignition sequence] . . . [pushing the green buttons, then the red ones] . . . So, today I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the cinema. First impressions: Beautifully designed, … Continue reading

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