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Watching Sexy Beasts

I’ve mentioned before my interest in television dating shows. The BBC has a new format and I’ve been watching the first couple of episodes to get an idea of how it works. The title is “Sexy Beasts” and the gimmick … Continue reading

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REVIEW: “Eeny Meeny” – just say no

This post will include SPOILERS because frankly, I am disgusted enough (due to points mentioned in the content note below) not to care if I spoil it for anyone else. Content note: novel includes transphobic, whorephobic and kinkphobic tropes; one … Continue reading

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Stand By Your God’s Gift to gender norms in dating

I don’t know how many of my readers will remember, or even know of, a Channel 4 dating show called God’s Gift that was on late-night TV in (I think) the late 1990s. If memory serves, Davina McCall hosted it. … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Never List, by Koethi Zan

I know the policy says I don’t give trigger warnings, but there’s no clue in the title and some people might just wish there had been, so this intro is like an exception to that rule. The novel being reviewed … Continue reading

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Review: Biker Girl from Dreams of Spanking

[Not sure how regularly I’ll be posting these, hope to do at least one a week in addition to the regular Mon/Thurs posts, but maybe instead of one of them] Biker Girl is written by Pandora Blake and lasts 9 … Continue reading

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The post-War Doctor and character progression [SPOILERS for new-era Doctor Who stories]

In my last post, I wrote about a few of the continuity questions raised by the events of “Day of the Doctor”. While that is always going to appeal to my geeky fanboy side, the questions I started asking with … Continue reading

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So that was The Day of the Doctor [SPOILERS for Day of the Doctor, Night of the Doctor]

Steven Moffat is by turns brilliant and incredibly frustrating. He certainly falls well short of the genius of Russell T Davies. Fortunately, this story was Moffat at his best. The most exciting bit is the question of continuity. Having seen … Continue reading

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“Go forth in your beliefs”

Tonight was the airing of “Adventures in Space and Time”, Mark Gatiss’s dramatisation of the early years of the making of Doctor Who. While I enjoy a lot of things Gatiss has written, most are ultimately pleasant fluff. This promised … Continue reading

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Spankee’s Gaze: Pandora Blake takes a different view

[NB: This post should definitely be read as a huge plug for Pandora Blake’s work, both in general and the specific work mentioned] Pandora Blake, feminist spanking porn producer and performer, has a new film on her site called Alex’s … Continue reading

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Talis Kimberley for International Women’s Day

One of my favourite artists in the folk singer-songwriter genre is Talis Kimberley, whose songs range from fresh takes on classical or folk legends, to modern-day protest songs. She’s released a special free/”pay what you think it’s worth” album on … Continue reading

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