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I have the inevitable curse of a blogger – a dearth of inspiration for things to blog about. I could write about something political but a) that’s not the main focus of this blog, or isn’t supposed to be; b) … Continue reading

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Office design, and the theoretical person I am not like

In my last post, where I had a bit of a rant about badly-designed hand driers, I promised a bit more about the new office building where my current temp placement has me toiling away. This is so very obviously … Continue reading

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Life at 40: Middle-aged and Not Dead Yet

CONTENT NOTE: Suicidal ideation; mention of BDSM So last weekend was a big family party to celebrate my 40th birthday. My birthday was not actually this weekend, but close enough to make tacking on a party to a previously scheduled … Continue reading

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Work, teams, lunch and introversion

My job so far has been pretty good for an introverted probable-ASD having person: I basically sit at a computer and figure out which bits of information I need to gather to show that things are being done properly. If … Continue reading

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Deriving web dating from 36 Questions

In my post about the “36 Questions to Fall in Love” article last week, I wrote that, “I want to come back to this, and see if I can construct a way of using the concepts in dating. For instance, … Continue reading

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Bra Trek 2: The Voyage Home

(Yes, I know that was the title of 4, not 2, but I haven’t written 4 posts about the quest for a bra. Leave me alone!) So I promised last week that I would update on my progress as regards … Continue reading

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Humiliation: hotness and hard-limits

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past month or two about how I relate to humiliation from a Submissive perspective. I have always simply said that it’s a hard limit, but some of the ways I have been roleplaying … Continue reading

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Assumptions and privilege: tonight’s chatroom case studies

Content Note: entitled arseholes invading virtual personal space and denying non-binary gender status. And getting angry when I don’t like it. – – – I plan my Monday blogpost to be about a related topic (the difficulty of finding good … Continue reading

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Cutting the silent names

Tonight, I’ve been going through the “blogs” menu on my bookmarks list and noting that some of them have been on there for 8 or 9 years. Most are links I haven’t clicked on in 3 or 4 years, or … Continue reading

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Hats, opera, and congruence

Somewhere over the period while I was on Mandatory Work Activity I lost my hat. I think I must have been too tired on the journey home, left it on the bus, and it didn’t get handed in to their … Continue reading

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