Content Notes Policy

While I endeavour to insert content notes for potentially triggering topics either in the post titles or at the head of the posts, I know that I will inevitably miss some. For that reason, I want to be clear that I do not have a specific “policy” as such. It is also why I prefer not to call them “Trigger Warnings” (because to me, that phrase sounds like a promise that I can’t be sure of keeping).

I will cover some topics that will be troubling, or potentially triggering, to some people, which may make it seem unsafe. Common trigger topics that appear from time to time in my writing include:

  • Discussions of hate-based violence, including transphobia and homophobia
  • Discussions of consent violations, especially in sexual contexts, including non-consensual violence (physical and emotional)
  • Discussions of sexual fantasies or consenting activities around consensual non-consent, sexual use of violence, and extreme emotions
  • Fiction based on those fantasies
  • Other potentially triggering material or topics.

If you know you can be triggered by these topics, or any that I have missed, then please proceed with caution when reading my blog.

If you feel I have missed a Content Note on a post with an important and common trigger, please let me know and I will add the relevant information.

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