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Young children can feel the pain too (Content Note: Suicide, Bullying)

Content note: suicide, bullying. The front page headline in the Cambridge News on Friday concerned a situation in which primary school children being taught about bullying were accidentally shown an online video aimed at an older audience, in which a … Continue reading

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The value of a story’s point of view (is he bad or just wrong?)

Content Note: discussion of fictional abusive behaviour Just a quick thought while it’s on my mind. In my second draft, I’m getting into the part of my novel where the wheels really fall off and really bad things start happening … Continue reading

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Why They Stay: A Microcosm

Content Note: Emotional abuse; victim thought processes/mindsets It is easy to find posts on feminist blogs, or women’s rights blogs (the two are not always synonymous, unfortunately) explaining why abuse victims stay in abusive relationships. If you have an ounce … Continue reading

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The curse of seeing the other side

Content Note: brief discussion of abusive situations and “victim” mentality. I am a wee bit short on what to write. (You get that yesterday’s post should have have been done on Monday, right? so this is the post that is … Continue reading

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How much harm do you have to survive to be a survivor?

I struggle a lot with the politics of identity, in that I find it hard to fit myself into the labels that are generally constructed. I’ve already rejected “man” because every time someone says “men do/are X” it’s a generalisation … Continue reading

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