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No-Strings learning experience

Yesterday was the first time I have had no-strings-attached BDSM sex that was agreed from the outset would be nothing else: no romantic element, no “ownership”, no “relationship”. We get along as friends, but as far as the sex goes … Continue reading

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The General’s Aide (A Sexual Fantasy)

CONTENT NOTE: This fantasy involves “dubcon”, i.e. situations in which the consent of the imaginary partner(s) is not clear (perhaps through expressed reluctance being overridden, or the bottom not being prepared). It also involves military power structures and abuse of … Continue reading

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Disappointments and ageing and sextoys

I don’t really know that this has anything to do with ageing, but I do sort of feel like I’m getting older and my body doesn’t work the way it used to, and some of what this post is about … Continue reading

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Buttsex: The First Flight

This week, Girl On The Net offers up three anecdotes of being a guy’s first time receiving a strap-on up the arse. The first and third are awesomely hot, the second one, as a counterpoint, is entitled “The disappointed” and … Continue reading

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A difference between fantasy and erotic short story

When I want to feel turned on, whether that’s masturbating or just the brain-buzz from sensual/sexual arousal, I can, of course, use visual porn or read something written by someone else. But often, I simply delve into my own imagination … Continue reading

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Short Story: Tucked Away

This scene grew out of an observation that one reason I dislike most F/M porn is that although I love to fantasise about anal, “pegging”, strap-ons and the like, very often I find that the male genitalia when viewed from … Continue reading

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