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Reluctantly Queered

I mentioned in my review of Queer: A Graphic History that I separated out the “review” from the “philosophy” in order to write about the book rather than the subject matter. Part of that was that I felt a need … Continue reading

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A 0.25 megaperson event! (photos!)

So yesterday I went on a Big Expedition (any trip that involves going to, or through, London is in my mind a Big Journey) to join the anti-austerity protest marching from the Bank of England to Parliament Square. Here are … Continue reading

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Gender, online roleplay and media

(This post follows on from the “bad chatroom messages” post at the weekend, in which I promised to writre about it being hard to find good online roleplay partners) I’ve written before about my adventures back in BDSM web chatroom … Continue reading

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Thoughts on developing a cis heuristic

Title mostly because I like the word “heuristic”, but also because it’s relevant. Jemima, of Sometimes It’s Just A Cigar, tweeted with the comment “thought provoking post” the link to an article by London Feminist called What is cis – … Continue reading

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Doing it for free

So I’ve written about deciding to sell adult IM roleplay/cybersex sessions, and how that’s gone so far. I have, in the process, rediscovered my love of online textual cybersex in general. I knew I had a talent for it from … Continue reading

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The Inner Vannie (Valerie Northe)

More-or-less by coincidence, this post is going out on International Non-Binary Genders Day, which seems quite appropriate given the content. In my piece discussing the effects of narratives of fear, privilege and lack of it, I described my inner image … Continue reading

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Stand By Your God’s Gift to gender norms in dating

I don’t know how many of my readers will remember, or even know of, a Channel 4 dating show called God’s Gift that was on late-night TV in (I think) the late 1990s. If memory serves, Davina McCall hosted it. … Continue reading

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Buttsex: The First Flight

This week, Girl On The Net offers up three anecdotes of being a guy’s first time receiving a strap-on up the arse. The first and third are awesomely hot, the second one, as a counterpoint, is entitled “The disappointed” and … Continue reading

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Hankies, Hats and Social Anxiety

Content note: mention of fears of sexual assault. I can still remember how I felt when I first learned of the “hanky code“. I don’t remember the details of how or exactly when in my development I learned of it, … Continue reading

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How much harm do you have to survive to be a survivor?

I struggle a lot with the politics of identity, in that I find it hard to fit myself into the labels that are generally constructed. I’ve already rejected “man” because every time someone says “men do/are X” it’s a generalisation … Continue reading

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