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Freedom of speech and discrimination: #JustPray and other issues

A propos of the news that a major cinema advertising company has refused to show an advert of people saying the Lord’s Prayer, I thought I’d delve into some of the questions again (after my rant last week against Germaine … Continue reading

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Work, teams, lunch and introversion

My job so far has been pretty good for an introverted probable-ASD having person: I basically sit at a computer and figure out which bits of information I need to gather to show that things are being done properly. If … Continue reading

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The agency of personality: in defence of MBTI

I am a big fan of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and its offspring, the Kiersey Temperament Sorter (KTS). Most of my knowledge of these comes from the latter, since I have a copy of David Kiersey & Marilyn Bates … Continue reading

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4 months and a few quid later

In amongst the furore this week over the ATVOD regulations being changed to match the BBFC guidelines (and thereby potentially putting excellent feminist fetish porn producers out of business), something significant has occurred for me in a related area. Those … Continue reading

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2 years’ work in 2 days: what talent shows hide

I watch rather more talent-reality TV shows than perhaps I should, but it’s one way of turning off the higher faculties and just enjoying myself for however many minutes. I’ve watched them since the days of “Fame Academy” and “Popstars”. … Continue reading

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The Mundane Brutality of Gifts

Charity shops are brutal places. They don’t set out to be, I don’t think. And I am sure from the outside, they seem much less so. After all, it’s about selling second hand stuff cheaply, which helps customers, to get … Continue reading

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One Week On

So last weekend, I discovered AdultWork.com and decided that some of the services advertised there were such that I was able to sell a similar service. I changed my profile from “Seeking Services” to “Offering Services”, built a new profile … Continue reading

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Brands vs Products vs Loyalty

Last week I went to the supermarket to buy new blades for my razor, only to find that the system had been replaced with a new, “better” version, with which my old handle was incompatible. As it happened, the old … Continue reading

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Ranting about “big data”

I’m way behind on my blog writing, and this turned into quite a rant with not much structure. But it’s all I’ve got, and having missed Thursday’s post entirely, and failed to do any reviews like I promised, I feel … Continue reading

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If you want them to make stuff, you have to pay for the stuff

I live on a tight budget, and the government seem intent on making it tighter. This means that things and information of use and value to me are sometimes only available through charity shops and the like. The internet, too, … Continue reading

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