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Helping others to thank you

Crossing my social media radar this afternoon, is a cartoon with social interaction advice, “If you want to say thank you, don’t say sorry” It is strong self-support advice, in that it presents a series of situations in which “sorry” … Continue reading

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Of Davros, parenting and trade-offs

RuralRover @ Counselling in Northumberland has a fascinating piece in response to an “open letter” that a mother wrote to her 10-yr-old son, publoished in the Guardian today. I haven’t read the letter and don’t really wish to address it … Continue reading

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Sub power, Domly Vulnerability

Xiao Yingtai @ University of Abject Submission has been writing a fascinating series about Submissive Power, and her latest instalment is Sub Ethics: Owning Our Power. I’ve had in my “pending” file since February a piece by Xan West about … Continue reading

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The Importance of Love to D/s Strength

This started as an Edit To Add on my original “D/s Emotional Vulnerability” post, but quickly got long and I decided it needed to be a separate post. Xiao Yingtai has taken the effort to work her comments on that … Continue reading

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The curse of seeing the other side

Content Note: brief discussion of abusive situations and “victim” mentality. I am a wee bit short on what to write. (You get that yesterday’s post should have have been done on Monday, right? so this is the post that is … Continue reading

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Reasons to stay under the #SamaritansRadar

Content Note: Discussion of mental health crises including references to self-harm and destructive mental states. This post is about the app Samaritans Radar. For more (and better) reading on various aspects, try these: The Samaritans Radar app – the problem … Continue reading

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Struggles and stories, second-hand

Mandatory Work Activity can seem like a good idea from a certain perspective: give the unemployed person an up-to-date reference, evidence they can work a stable schedule, maybe even useful skills. But for me at least, it is an evil … Continue reading

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Dreams of parenthood: why I want to be a mum

I always imagined that I would eventually be a parent, and pass on my genetic heritage to a new generation, bring up a child, teach hir the tales that have passed down in the family history, show hir the photos … Continue reading

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Arrogance, thy name is Dawkins

Content Note: rape, child abuse, Dawkins. * * * Richard Dawkins has seemingly set himself up to be the face of misogynistic, racist bigotry – or “rational, logical thought”, in his terms. It’s not usually worth my while getting involved … Continue reading

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Neither bad nor pretending to be: kinky ≠ perverted

Yingtai responds to Remittance Girl’s assertion that, “Real perverts believe with deep sincerity in the rules they break. They have faith that what they are doing is wrong.” with the answer that, “Real Doesn’t Have to Be Toxic“. Now, I … Continue reading

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