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Endings and resolutions [SPOILER ALERTS]

[SPOILERS for Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Fallout 3/New Vegas, thriller novel “The Ragdoll”, Quantum Leap, Hitman 2, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who: Survival (original series)] I’ve been thinking about endings recently – fictional ones, that is, rather than … Continue reading

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A case for a male Doctor

So, another Doctor is about to bite the dust and regenerate. And once again, the debate swirls around whether the next Doctor should be (played by) a woman. I have to admit, when Susan Calman tweeted a (mocked-up?) image of … Continue reading

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How would the antagonist tell your story?

I’ve been thinking about antagonists, motivations and character arcs lately. Partly because I’ve got to that chapter in James Scott Bell’s “Plot & Structure” book, but also in general because for the murder mystery or action-adventure stories that are brewing … Continue reading

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