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MAAB, disguised as a man

Waitinggirl @ Sometimes It’s Just A Cigar writes today about the different experiences of make-up that women have, and how there is no One True Narrative of what it means. The context is that apparently there’s been a recent flurry … Continue reading

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Bra Trek 2: The Voyage Home

(Yes, I know that was the title of 4, not 2, but I haven’t written 4 posts about the quest for a bra. Leave me alone!) So I promised last week that I would update on my progress as regards … Continue reading

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Happy, stylish & vulnerable: my Dom icons

Xiao Yingtai @ University of Abject Submission writes about discovering her submissive icons, an exercise she credits to Midori: First, she says to list all the powerful women you admire – from fiction, film, history, myth, your family, everywhere, anywhere. … Continue reading

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Boobs and bras, an Odyssey

On Wednesday, I tweeted that I “felt my sexiest ever” and was “very excited”. I was going to save explaining why until the excitement phase had settled down into pure “yay”ness, but it turns out that will take longer than … Continue reading

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Rejecting gendered smartness

I have always felt that putting on a smart suit felt like a disguise. For a long time, I’ve assumed that this is because I’m basically a slob and the suit just involves pretending not to be. But in the … Continue reading

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Hats, opera, and congruence

Somewhere over the period while I was on Mandatory Work Activity I lost my hat. I think I must have been too tired on the journey home, left it on the bus, and it didn’t get handed in to their … Continue reading

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Fabulous Finds For Fetish-y Fun

There are some perks to working in a charity shop, even if it is forced on me and driving me to distraction. I get to raid the rejects pile (books, clothes, etc that didn’t sell). I also get to see … Continue reading

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Hankies, Hats and Social Anxiety

Content note: mention of fears of sexual assault. I can still remember how I felt when I first learned of the “hanky code“. I don’t remember the details of how or exactly when in my development I learned of it, … Continue reading

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There was a time when this was me

Just a short comment today. Via a link from fetlife, I discovered today the comics of “Submissive Guy Comics” on tumblr. One in particular struck a chord: It wasn’t her responsibility, but she really did help him learn to love … Continue reading

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