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New gear, Self-doubt, Mid-life “crisis”, and Depression

Today I got a huge bit of musical kit delivered. It’s a 300W Ashdown bass amp. I’m 40 years old, and every time I buy myself something awesome I find myself being struck by the question, “Am I having a … Continue reading

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Work and other depressing truths

[CONTENT NOTE: Depression; Brief discussion of suicidal ideation.] Things change apace for Yours Truly. I have been forced into a seasonal contract to work in the Food Hall at a well-known department store. I say “forced” because some 25 years … Continue reading

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Compassion, obesity, the NHS and “bad choices”

It transpires that in Vale of York, access to some NHS treatments may be restricted on the basis of BMI – people deemed “obese” (a BMI of over 30) will find themselves no longer covered by the universality of the … Continue reading

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Helping others to thank you

Crossing my social media radar this afternoon, is a cartoon with social interaction advice, “If you want to say thank you, don’t say sorry” It is strong self-support advice, in that it presents a series of situations in which “sorry” … Continue reading

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Questions and therapies: why CBT might not be for me

I have heard a lot of people either swear by the system of cognitive behaviour therapy (or CBT – not to be confused with cock’n’ball torture!) or criticise its misuse or poor delivery (the criticisms being more common recently). The … Continue reading

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How good does smiling feel?

There is a piece of self-help advice that is supposedly based on Science, about how to “beat the blues” and feel happier. The advice is to put a pen or pencil between your teeth. The theory goes, that this pulls … Continue reading

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Nonconsensual CBT is a Hard Limit (Why forcing therapy on JSA is wrong)

So today I’m hearing via twitter that the Tories, and the Lib Dems, both have ideas about forcing people on Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) and other out-of-work benefits to submit to mental health treatment. The Tories are blatant about it: they … Continue reading

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Selection bias and #SamaritansRadar

There is a concept in statistics, and especially useful in social science when dealing with populations, of “selection bias”: that sometimes the way that you choose your sample affects the results you get, and may mean that what you find … Continue reading

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Reasons to stay under the #SamaritansRadar

Content Note: Discussion of mental health crises including references to self-harm and destructive mental states. This post is about the app Samaritans Radar. For more (and better) reading on various aspects, try these: The Samaritans Radar app – the problem … Continue reading

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Domming while Damaged: it’s not reliving the past

Xiao Yingtai @ University of Abject Submission has written over the past few weeks a series about what the “abject” part of “abject submission” means to her and in her kink. The conclusion is positive overall, but (as with a … Continue reading

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