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‘Tis the season to be poorly (aka my body is weird) – CN for alcohol use & vomiting

These are just some late-night musings about some weird behaviour by my body – that forced me to get out of bed (which is why I’m bothering to write about it). Namely, late last night and today I have noticed … Continue reading

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And the next phase is: feedback

So, I’m finished even sooner than I thought. Today, I went and bought ink and paper, and for the first time printed off the whole story, turning the novel from an idea into something physical, tangible, and real-feeling. This was … Continue reading

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Dreaming a detective show

So, last night I had a dream that almost made sense and was a detective story of sorts. It seems worth retelling it, so here goes: It started with me walking down the shopping centre, which was definitely in Cambridge, … Continue reading

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Anyone who says “Live your dreams” hasn’t had dreams like mine…

Well, it’s been a hectic last 3 weeks or so, which is why there’s only been one update on here the whole time. Hopefully things will calm down now that (a) I am no longer solely responsible for looking after … Continue reading

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