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SEXTOY REVIEW: These nipple toys really suck (in a GOOD way)

[Apologies for the clich├ęd title but my brain was lazy!] Once upon a time, this was meant to be a blog about writing, and kinky sex, and writing about kinky sex, and sexing about kinky writing (Wait, is that right? … Continue reading

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Brain science, touch and some questions on BDSM

I’m about 5 weeks behind in reading New Scientist articles, having just finished the 28 February edition. One article in particular in that edition struck me as interesting from the point of view of understanding BDSM in a neurological or … Continue reading

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“Whip me!” “Nope!”

It’s a question that seems to be debated over and over again in BDSM circles: “Do sadists dislike masochists?” Yingtai, after reading what one of the many excellent books about BDSM had to say on the matter, asked the sadists … Continue reading

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