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BOOK REVIEW: Queer: A Graphic History

This is one of the more challenging reviews for me to write, because I want to engage with my reaction to the ideas presented as if they are being expounded and put forward for debate – but that is actually … Continue reading

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About that twitter misogyny research (and bad science reporting)

CONTENT NOTE: research of rape “threats” and threatening language. I first saw the story today claiming that “50% of misogynistic tweets are made by women” on the BBC News website. I noted other sources being cited on Twitter later, with … Continue reading

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Shortcuts, world-building and research (clue – there better not be any shortcuts)

Chris @ Writing About Writing has, in his latest mailbox roundup, responded to the “sci-fi avoids research” question that I am sure is a common one from wannabe writers. He replies: If you think your the sf/f fandom will go … Continue reading

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