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#SoSS – ebook erotica recommendation

I feel a little guilty that I haven’t participated in the #SoSS tag events. It stands for Share Our Shit Saturday, and started because of how hard it is for people involved in sex work or sex blogging to reach … Continue reading

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New Project: “Humanity’s Diaspora”

I have several story ideas that revolve around societies that have developed different ways of organising themselves and what might happen if they came into contact with one another. I actually know very little about anthropology or situations where this … Continue reading

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2016 Season finale

2016 is almost over. I refuse to believe we are safe from it until it has completely left the planet, once midnight has passed everywhere along the International Date Line. It just feels like some horrror movie monster that always … Continue reading

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[SPOILERS] Jyn, Bleakness & Hope – A Quick Take on Rogue One

SPOILER GAP… . . . [preparing primary ignition sequence] . . . [pushing the green buttons, then the red ones] . . . So, today I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the cinema. First impressions: Beautifully designed, … Continue reading

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The post-War Doctor and character progression [SPOILERS for new-era Doctor Who stories]

In my last post, I wrote about a few of the continuity questions raised by the events of “Day of the Doctor”. While that is always going to appeal to my geeky fanboy side, the questions I started asking with … Continue reading

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So that was The Day of the Doctor [SPOILERS for Day of the Doctor, Night of the Doctor]

Steven Moffat is by turns brilliant and incredibly frustrating. He certainly falls well short of the genius of Russell T Davies. Fortunately, this story was Moffat at his best. The most exciting bit is the question of continuity. Having seen … Continue reading

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“Go forth in your beliefs”

Tonight was the airing of “Adventures in Space and Time”, Mark Gatiss’s dramatisation of the early years of the making of Doctor Who. While I enjoy a lot of things Gatiss has written, most are ultimately pleasant fluff. This promised … Continue reading

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7 ways to get the most out of meeting your younger self

Life is change. I worry about how I get on with others. From time to time, therefore, I wonder about how I would get along with myself if I were to meet me. And sometimes, I wonder about meeting my … Continue reading

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On changing the Doctor’s sex

I am somewhat annoyed that I know that Matt Smith is leaving the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who, both because I thought he was very good in the role and also because I hate spoilers and just wish … Continue reading

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