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A few thoughts for #TDOR

CONTENT NOTE: discussion of transphobic violence, and “justifications”. Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, a day set aside by the transgender/transsexual community to commemorate the murders of trans folks in the past year, and to draw attention to the violence … Continue reading

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Doing better: Dunham and denial

Content Note (copy-pasted from Jemima’s post linked in the passage below): Be aware this post discusses child abuse, I am not linking to the claims by Dunham, be aware if you go looking they can be very triggering and are … Continue reading

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On stories for children and believing theirs

I doubted whether I had anything valuable to add on the Rotherham child abuse case. Three posts @ Sometimes It’s Just A Cigar (here, here, and here) seem to me to be the very best commentary (at least, that I’ve … Continue reading

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Arrogance, thy name is Dawkins

Content Note: rape, child abuse, Dawkins. * * * Richard Dawkins has seemingly set himself up to be the face of misogynistic, racist bigotry – or “rational, logical thought”, in his terms. It’s not usually worth my while getting involved … Continue reading

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REVIEW: “Eeny Meeny” – just say no

This post will include SPOILERS because frankly, I am disgusted enough (due to points mentioned in the content note below) not to care if I spoil it for anyone else. Content note: novel includes transphobic, whorephobic and kinkphobic tropes; one … Continue reading

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Hankies, Hats and Social Anxiety

Content note: mention of fears of sexual assault. I can still remember how I felt when I first learned of the “hanky code“. I don’t remember the details of how or exactly when in my development I learned of it, … Continue reading

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How much harm do you have to survive to be a survivor?

I struggle a lot with the politics of identity, in that I find it hard to fit myself into the labels that are generally constructed. I’ve already rejected “man” because every time someone says “men do/are X” it’s a generalisation … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Never List, by Koethi Zan

I know the policy says I don’t give trigger warnings, but there’s no clue in the title and some people might just wish there had been, so this intro is like an exception to that rule. The novel being reviewed … Continue reading

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New survey reports rape findings – less than 1 in 7 reported to the police

Among the headlines from today’s announcement of the first findings of Natsal-3 (National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles 3, conducted between 2010 and 2012) are their first survey of non-consensual sex. The Guardian reports that these figures show “the … Continue reading

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Age of consent – should it change?

The BBC news website has a report discussing calls to lower the age of consent in England and Wales. Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected the suggestion, made by Faculty of Public Health president Prof John Ashton. The article explains … Continue reading

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