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Helping others to thank you

Crossing my social media radar this afternoon, is a cartoon with social interaction advice, “If you want to say thank you, don’t say sorry” It is strong self-support advice, in that it presents a series of situations in which “sorry” … Continue reading

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On the individual third person (why singular they isn’t enough)

On my “Language” page, I note that I am unhappy with the use of singular “they” when talking about a specific person (though always deferring to a person’s stated pronouns where I know them). I am fine with a generic … Continue reading

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Playing the hate: on being the top in a degradation scene

Content Note: Discussion of “forced fantasy”/”rape” roleplay, race play, body shaming play, slut shaming play and general topics of that nature that may be distressing to some readers. So about a week ago, University of Abject Submission published a guest … Continue reading

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On the value of the label “Feminist”

I’m male-bodied and, despite being genderfluid, typically cis-presenting for the sake of (possibly over-) caution about non-binary/feminine presenting (although the experience of just having long, feminine hair and receiving abusive street harassment factors into my calculation of the risks). That … Continue reading

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Is performance always artifice?

Yesterday I wrote a post examining the roles of “tradition”, asking what they mean and how “tradition” or “folk song/story/art” is an active process as well as a preservation or reenactment of historical tradition. That post came off the back … Continue reading

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Highlight of my birthday celebration today

So this week I turn 35. Today was an outing with Papa and Mama to the steam trains, where we met my brother, his wife and their 3 year old boy. When I was his age, I had the same … Continue reading

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The choice that doesn’t matter is the hardest to make

In my summary of the questions or areas where I want advice on dating (and socialising in general), I considered that, if my questions about how to approach someone and start a conversation with them aren’t giving me the answers … Continue reading

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Criteria for a successful interaction

In my last SCW post, I talked about what I am looking for in a relationship. However, because of my social awkwardness, it seems sensible to think about what success looks like on a much smaller scale: that of the … Continue reading

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A quick note on dates

That’s the alphanumeric display of time reference, rather than the “going out and meeting someone” type of date. Today’s xkcd points out ISO 8601, which stipulates that 2013-02-27 is how you write today’s date, so I thought I would just … Continue reading

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