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The outtakes where characters reveal themselves

I feel like I haven’t written much about my writing recently. Right now, I am working on scraping together the details for my next story, which is a sci-fi detective adventure. That means it’s going to involve a lot more … Continue reading

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SHORT STORY: “Not Paid To Like You”

The prompt for this story was the title. It conjured a couple of vignettes that I then stitched into this story. One or two points aren’t realistic, including the part with the main prompt! Specifically, in that a good sex … Continue reading

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How would other companions do in Flatline? [SPOILERS]

SPOILERS for Doctor Who season 8 episode 9 “Flatline” . . . With the Doctor trapped in the TARDIS due to something weird happening in Bristol, he hands over his psychic paper and sonic screwdriver to Clara and thrusts her … Continue reading

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Struggles and stories, second-hand

Mandatory Work Activity can seem like a good idea from a certain perspective: give the unemployed person an up-to-date reference, evidence they can work a stable schedule, maybe even useful skills. But for me at least, it is an evil … Continue reading

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Short Story: Please … Obey Me V3.2

So after I finished Version 3 of the “Please … Obey Me” prompt with “Next time, it’s your turn”, I felt I wanted to write what happens “next time”. And what impact it has on their liberal equality-based relationship. Having … Continue reading

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Short Story: “Please … Obey Me” (V.3)

Content note: some kinkphobic attitudes early on. The first two stories from the prompt “Please … Obey Me” (Version 1 and Version 2) involved dynamics with an established power exchange or kink in place, in which in one way or … Continue reading

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Short Story: Please … Obey Me (V.2)

Wanted to try a rather different dynamic from Version 1 with this. (Version 3 here) The rationale expressed by Bay in this story is not necessarily one that I believe to be common in BDSM or M/s relationships, but it … Continue reading

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Short Story: Please … Obey Me (V.1)

Version 2 Version 3 Content Note: rough sex. This is inspired by a prompt/tweet from Yingtai of University of Abject Submission, that really set my imagination racing: Sometimes the D/s soundtrack in my head gets muddled and someone says, "Please … Continue reading

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The Inner Vannie (Valerie Northe)

More-or-less by coincidence, this post is going out on International Non-Binary Genders Day, which seems quite appropriate given the content. In my piece discussing the effects of narratives of fear, privilege and lack of it, I described my inner image … Continue reading

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Very Short Stories: Dan

Being Blacksilk created a meme called Very Short Stories, based on a fun little post-it note booklet she found. The form seems to be that you should take a photo to prove the story fitted onto a single page of … Continue reading

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