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Weekly Creative Update 6-7-2019: Back to Storytime!

This week has been pretty good in terms of achievements, and in terms of acquiring new objectives and opportunities. The main triumph is that I have managed to build a fairly versatile line-of-sight system in Stencyl, which I can use … Continue reading

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Weekly(?) Creative Update 15-06-19

Here’s a quick update on my creative endeavours over the last week or two. I will try to make this a regular weekly update (even if it gets repetitive) just as a way to remind myself to blog more often … Continue reading

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My Day Out At EGX Rezzed Video Games Fair

On Friday, I decided to bunk off work and go to London for a day out in the big city, at a video games fair. (Actually, I’d booked my ticket to EGX Rezzed a couple of months ago, and in … Continue reading

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Steampunk, adventure, young adult fiction and more!

For the past year or so, I have been afflicted with sporadic episodes of Day Job. While this does have positive side effects in terms of money, it severely depletes the resource known as “time”, which I need for the … Continue reading

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Inventing my own PUBG Headcanon

I’m always looking for the hidden stories in media I read/watch/listen to/play – the background clues that point to other narratives, or unstated backstories, or whatever else. I like it when you’re given these as well (the Tomb Raider video … Continue reading

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New Project! “Dragons, Dragons, Fairies, Boobs”

(It feels good to be talking for once about ACTUAL writing, rather than politics and depressing stuff like that. Although this is still sort of politics because… well, you’ll see.) So last week on The Last Leg, Sue Perkins summed … Continue reading

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The outtakes where characters reveal themselves

I feel like I haven’t written much about my writing recently. Right now, I am working on scraping together the details for my next story, which is a sci-fi detective adventure. That means it’s going to involve a lot more … Continue reading

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SHORT STORY: “Not Paid To Like You”

The prompt for this story was the title. It conjured a couple of vignettes that I then stitched into this story. One or two points aren’t realistic, including the part with the main prompt! Specifically, in that a good sex … Continue reading

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How would other companions do in Flatline? [SPOILERS]

SPOILERS for Doctor Who season 8 episode 9 “Flatline” . . . With the Doctor trapped in the TARDIS due to something weird happening in Bristol, he hands over his psychic paper and sonic screwdriver to Clara and thrusts her … Continue reading

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Struggles and stories, second-hand

Mandatory Work Activity can seem like a good idea from a certain perspective: give the unemployed person an up-to-date reference, evidence they can work a stable schedule, maybe even useful skills. But for me at least, it is an evil … Continue reading

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