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Clarkson is not Top Gear’s Compo

By now, I doubt many of my readers will be unaware of the news that Jeremy Clarkson, part of the presenting team for BBC show Top Gear, has been suspended for throwing a punch at a producer on the show, … Continue reading

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2 years’ work in 2 days: what talent shows hide

I watch rather more talent-reality TV shows than perhaps I should, but it’s one way of turning off the higher faculties and just enjoying myself for however many minutes. I’ve watched them since the days of “Fame Academy” and “Popstars”. … Continue reading

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How would other companions do in Flatline? [SPOILERS]

SPOILERS for Doctor Who season 8 episode 9 “Flatline” . . . With the Doctor trapped in the TARDIS due to something weird happening in Bristol, he hands over his psychic paper and sonic screwdriver to Clara and thrusts her … Continue reading

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The Clara Oswald Show, fanfic TV, and get an editor. Dr Who S8

(SPOILERS for Doctor Who Season 8 and a few earlier episodes too, if you haven’t seen them yet) I am extremely disappointed with season 8 of revamped Doctor Who. Steven Moffat has, it seems, allowed the fanboy to overrule the … Continue reading

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Watching Sexy Beasts

I’ve mentioned before my interest in television dating shows. The BBC has a new format and I’ve been watching the first couple of episodes to get an idea of how it works. The title is “Sexy Beasts” and the gimmick … Continue reading

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Stand By Your God’s Gift to gender norms in dating

I don’t know how many of my readers will remember, or even know of, a Channel 4 dating show called God’s Gift that was on late-night TV in (I think) the late 1990s. If memory serves, Davina McCall hosted it. … Continue reading

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European decision time!

Election day rapidly approaches for the European elections. There’s a district council seat open as well where I am, but I’m guessing that won’t be quite as relevant to most of my readers, even the ones who actually live in … Continue reading

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Brands vs Products vs Loyalty

Last week I went to the supermarket to buy new blades for my razor, only to find that the system had been replaced with a new, “better” version, with which my old handle was incompatible. As it happened, the old … Continue reading

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Dreaming a detective show

So, last night I had a dream that almost made sense and was a detective story of sorts. It seems worth retelling it, so here goes: It started with me walking down the shopping centre, which was definitely in Cambridge, … Continue reading

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The rationale of taxi drivers, and other mistakes about bias

I am fed up with hearing how irrational taxi drivers are. That probably needs a little bit of explanation. Psychologists and economists talk about a curious phenomenon whereby taxi drivers seem not to maximise income. On sunny days, few people … Continue reading

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