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It’s done!

The first draft of my novel is finished. The first draft of my novel is FINISHED! The FIRST DRAFT of my novel is finished. Completion. Celebration. Anticipation of work to come. Around 7 years after I first mapped out a … Continue reading

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So this time, it’s for good.

Ancient Kitten, as regular readers may recall, went missing a couple of months ago, leaving my family to believe that she had wandered off and died somewhere. Then, mysteriously, she returned to us looking if anything healthier than she was … Continue reading

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Gendered labour as seen through “Make Me A German”

I’ve just watched “Make Me A German”, a documentary on the BBC in which a family travel to Nuremburg to adopt the behaviours of a “typical” German family, to investigate what about German culture has led to the differences in … Continue reading

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