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What are they looking for when I approach?

In my discussion of what questions I would like to answer in improving my chances of meeting someone and developing a romantic/sexual partnership with them, I noted that I put a lot of emphasis in terms of my goals on … Continue reading

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For whom am I looking?

So far I have examined what I’ve got, where I struggle and what I want in a relationship. However, one important step has been omitted in this. Considering the advice to “be the sort of person that the sort of … Continue reading

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Dating while Cancerian

So far, I have talked about psychological personality tests, other people’s views of me, my own introspection, where I have difficulties and what I’m hoping to find. There is, however, one more resource I want to examine in building up … Continue reading

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The choice that doesn’t matter is the hardest to make

In my summary of the questions or areas where I want advice on dating (and socialising in general), I considered that, if my questions about how to approach someone and start a conversation with them aren’t giving me the answers … Continue reading

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On changing the Doctor’s sex

I am somewhat annoyed that I know that Matt Smith is leaving the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who, both because I thought he was very good in the role and also because I hate spoilers and just wish … Continue reading

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We just can’t get rid of her!

Well, it seems that reports of kitten’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Quite where she has been, or what she has been doing, in the time between her disappearance and her reappearance (just in time for dinner, naturally) is a … Continue reading

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June’s weight loss results

Another month has passed, a new one is beginning, that must mean it is time to weigh myself and get that ole tape measure out. And the answer is… A whole kilogram lighter than this time in May. At first … Continue reading

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Where do I need help with dating?

So I’ve talked about what I’m looking for, what a successful interaction looks and feels like, and assessed myself via psychology, feedback from loved ones and personal introspection. That’s sorted out, “Where am I going?” and, “What I’m carrying along … Continue reading

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