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Doms and Subs, Cats and Dogs

Reid Mihalko’s site is the latest resource I’ve found in my “Serenity/Courage/Wisdom” search. He already inspired a dark and twisted short story, which has nothing to do with the quest but was a useful bit of creative spark for other … Continue reading

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Short Story: “The Last Difficult Conversation”

I finally have a story worth presenting to you, my dear readers, as a sample of my craft. This is a bit darker (no, a LOT darker) than my novel, and shows the twisted routes down which a writer’s mind … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm, “yes”, and sex – it’s complicated.

In my last post, I promised a discussion of enthusiasm and consent – with special reference to sexuality and asexuality. My launching point is that the phrase “enthusiastic consent” can be taken two ways. Either, “I’m enthusiastic for sex, so … Continue reading

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Defining my sex-positive stance

Since I have seen the term “sex-positive” used in feminist/gender-sexuality debates, I have tended to adopt it to describe my own views. In the past few weeks, however, there has been a series of articles arguing the toss back and … Continue reading

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Only a green light means “sex”

So I post about reasons I have been self-censoring, and then up come a few things that in the end I wasn’t going to let slide. First there was David Cameron’s war on the libido. In that, I wrote to … Continue reading

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Aaaand we’re back. For now.

Well, that was exciting. Shortly after I posted my last post, the storm I heard in the distance moved closer. Then it was directly overhead and then lightning struck close by and blew out the power for several streets around, … Continue reading

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On reasons not to post

I look up and notice that over a week has gone by since I last posted anything here. This is a shocking state of affairs, but I am not sure how to rectify it. The weather has been quite unreasonable … Continue reading

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First SCW field report!

A field report is, as I understand it, the term used in the seduction community and pick-up artistry to refer to an account of what you did to pick up a “girl” and what the outcome of those moves was. … Continue reading

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Towards Quicker Openers and Spotting Who’s Open

After discovering dating coach Hayley Quinn via Channel 4’s documentary “Bi-Curious Me”, I have been spending some time trawling through her blog and YouTube videos. I have come to the conclusion so far that she is, to date, the most … Continue reading

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“Punishment cues” and pick-up

(I bet you thought this was going to be about BDSM – well, you’re wrong…) So last week I noticed in the newspaper rack at the supermarket that the Times Educational Supplement (usually abbreviated as “TES”) had a picture of … Continue reading

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