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Inform 7: Problems with Queer representation

So on Monday in my “creativity update” post I mentioned that Inform 7 has one or two “problematic” aspects to its structure and promised to write a post midweek about what I was finding I had concerns about. The most … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cambridge Pride

On Saturday, I went to the Cambridge Pride event, which was not really a parade, it had more of a village fete vibe to it when I was there. The weather was horrible and wet, but there were still plenty … Continue reading

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Little things that made me happy today

Today is just a couple of little life things that, nevertheless, make me feel happy in a small way – and relate to my sense of my gender identity too. Which may seem odd in the first instance, but is … Continue reading

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Music Recommendation: The Trials Of Cato

Just a short post today as I’ve been pretty poorly all week and, being a temp, having to go to work anyway because money and stuff. I’d like to use my blog today to give a shout-out to a great … Continue reading

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New year, new pronouns!

After a long search, I have arrived at last at a set of nonbinary gender pronouns that feel comfortable when applied to myself. It started with the Gender Census report on their Pronouns Question responses, where I learned of a … Continue reading

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Are school uniforms any use?

So this week, a couple of stories crossed my twitter timeline about school uniforms, relating to gender. This led to a discussion over whether or not school uniforms are even a good idea at all, or should they be abolished? … Continue reading

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REACTION: “How Not To Be A Boy” by Robert Webb

(This is not so much a review as a reaction to the book above, but I’ll file it under Reviews as well.) This week, I read Robert Webb’s “How Not To Be A Boy”. The book is an autobiographical work … Continue reading

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“You must be very wise, that you know what a woman is. Perhaps you can explain it to me?”

There’s been another round of awfulness from TERFs and their allies the TUMFs (Trans-Unaware Mainstream/Media Feminists – term coined by Julia Serano). To be honest, it feels like it never stops. But the same old arguments that trans women are … Continue reading

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What would Straight Pride look like anyway?

After reading Karen Pollock’s piece about the “Straight Pride” trope, which covers the usual (and entirely accurate) analysis of why there is no need for such a thing, I got to thinking about the question from a different angle. What … Continue reading

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Finding principles & faith: thoughts on Tim Farron’s “conflict”

Tim Farron has quit as leader of the Liberal Democrats, claiming that he couldn’t negotiate the conflict between his faith and the liberal principles as regards LGBT rights that the party espouses. In some ways, I am sympathetic. As Farron … Continue reading

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